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Saturday, 31 March 2012 22:01

Dear Members, The purpose of this letter is to provide members of ANA with an update on the current status of The Association of the Nepalis in the Americas (Hereafter ANA) and its affiliates. I have outlined several topics below.


Dear Members:

The purpose of this letter is to provide members of ANA with an update on the current status of The Association of the Nepalis in the Americas (Hereafter ANA) and its affiliates. I have outlined several topics below.

Legal Status of ANA

It is my pleasure to inform membership that, through the hard work of the leadership  of  ANA  as  well  as  the  legal  and  financial  teams,  ANA  is  within  legal compliance as an organization under its original charter in the District of Columbia.   It can continue to function as a not for profit under DC law.  This is just the first step of many   concerning   legal   compliance;   however   it   allows   ANA   to   function   as   an organization and carry on business as a 501(c)(3).

2011 Elections

After the discovery of ANA being out of legal and financial compliance, it was advised by  my office that the 2011 elections be put on hold.   To allow an election to occur under the state ANA was in would threaten its ability to continue to exist in the future.   It could also have led to  civil and criminal liability.   Correcting the numerous issues ANA was suffering from would allow  ANA to continue as an organization for many years and would allow the holding proper elections.

ANA Future Elections:

As noted  in  the  past ANA  is  working  towards creating an environment  that allows the  holding of elections in a fair and legal environment.  This is a process that

Akin-Deko & Puig PLLC 8730 Georgia Ave Suite 306, Silver Spring MD 20910

will take time as all working on this matter have to address issues that go as far back as
15 years.  The ANA board, in conjunction with the legal and financial teams, is working very hard to bring ANA into legal and financial compliance. A lot of progress has been made but a lot more must be accomplished before ANA is in the position to hold proper elections.  The earliest election possibility will be in 2013.

If any individuals tendered a candidates fees for the 2011 that fee can be applied as  the  candidate’s  fee  at  the  next  ANA  election  or  it  can  be  deemed  a  charitable contribution that  ANA will provide a charitable contribution letter for candidates tax purposes. Either of the aforementioned options are contigent on a candidate providing written proof of payment.

Regarding  membership  voting  in  the  next  election  ANA  requires  that  for  a member to be eligible for voting the membership must be secured within a year before the Election Day. ANA’s  membership is an annual membership.   Those have secured membership within that dues year will be eligible to vote at the next election. Those members who paid membership dues in 2011 will enjoy the membership benefits for the particular dues year that there membership falls within.  Since the 2011 elections were postponed,  the year will be treated as a membership non-voting benefits year similar to 2010.


ANA is heading in the right directing legally and financially. As stated before the our  job  is  to  ensure  that  all  issues  are  rectified  in  order  for  ANA  to  operate  in compliance with the law.  We ask for your patience as we work to do that goal.

Best Regards,
/s/ Dipo Akin-Deko
Dipo Akin-Deko
Akin-Deko & Puig PLLC}



Dipo Akin-Deko Managing Attorney This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Fax: (202) 399-6355

8730 Georgia Ave Suite 306
Silver Spring, MD 20910

March 29th, 2012

1629 K Street NW, Suite 300
Washington DC 20006



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