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Racial Discrimination Issue in the new constitution
Kathmandu, 26 Mar, 09- Many personalities stressed the importance of effectively addressing issues of racial discrimination in the new constitution in order to make an inclusive democratic Nepal.

A Dance and Melody in Pun Hill

Multilingual Education in Nepal
Kathmandu, March 11, 2009- The Multilingual Education (MLE) experts have pointed out the necessity of clear MLE policy for the effective implementation of Multilingual Education in Nepal.

» NRNA ICC & NCC America's appeal to participation in Nepal's constitution making process

LHOSAR, a New Year Celebration for a Better World.
New York, Feb 25, 09- “LHOSAR” is a New Year festival celebrated by Bon/Buddhist Himalayan people of Nepal.

» UNPO Marks Its 18th Anniversary: New Campaign-"Earth, Exploitation and Survival"
Nepalese Job Fair Seminar in New York
» Nepal's New Constitution: NRN Appeal to All Nepalese Community leaders in USA

» Would you like to visit Limbuwan ? This music video makes you want to go there

Sonam Lhochhar Celebrated by Tamang Community in Kathmandu (6 Photos)
Kathmandu, 28 Jan, 09- Indigenous Tamang Peoples of Nepal celebrated their biggest and the most important cultural festival Sonam Lhochhar (New Year), demanding Tamangsaling Autonomous State in various part of the country including Kathmandu valley with great fanfare and merriment.

» ONA commends President Obama for timely support of transparent government

97 Tamang Organizations Preparing for Sonam Lhochhar Celebration
Tamangsaling Autonomous States is Their Goal
(2 Photos)
Kathmandu, January 21, 2008- Tamang organizations are all set to jointly celebrate this year's Sonam Lhochhar/Lhosar, New Year. It is the biggest and the main festival of the Tamang community, and they are organizing many programmes starting on January 25 throughout the nation and, of course, in Kathmandu Valley. More news»

Special: Transcript of the 44th President of USA, Barack Obama's Inaugural Speech
Special: American President George W Bush's Farewell Speech
Important UN Doc: Climate Change, Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples
New York, January 12, 2009- For Indigenous Peoples, the air, waters, lands, plants and animals, seas and sea ice constitute the totality of the natural environments which have traditionally sustained life since time immemorial. These natural ecosystems provide the basis for their traditional subsistence economies (farming, hunting, gathering, herding and fishing), their physical health, and collective material survival and are a requirement for the exercise of their right to development. More news»

UK Battle: AIT Court Decision On Gurkha Policy
Lhosar Ashimala from Tamu Communities : Demand for Tamuwan Autonomous State

Kathmandu, December 30, 2008- Indigenous Gurung (Tamu) community celebrated their biggest festival Tola Lhosar, the New Year, demanding Tamuwan Autonomous State with Right to Self- Determination in various part of the country including Kathmandu valley with great gust and merriment. More news»

Special photo feature: Nepal Festival USA 2008: Opening (20), Exhibition (23) & Cultural Nite (33)

With 240,000 Glamorous Crystals, Long Legged Ladies Shine!
World Famous Christmas Spectacular in New York City (55 Photos)

New York, December 14, 2008- The world capital city, New York where United Nations' Headquarters are located, is famous for its skylines, fashion shows, financial might and as a city of immigrants. Here, you can taste more than 80 nations' meals from Morocco to Mauritius, Namibia to Nepal. And there is the Radio City Christmas Spectacular show starring the world’s famous and glamorous long legged Radio City Rockettes with their signature high kicks and breathtaking group dances. More news»

“Autonomous State with Right to Self-determination is the Right Answer for Freedom of Ethnic Communities"-Defense Minister Thapa  (4 Photos)
Magar Community Pressing for the Establishment of Magarant
Kathmandu, December 14, 2008- Senior Maoist leader and Defense Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa Magar ‘Baadal’ said on Friday that while demanding their autonomous states the concerned communities need to communicate with each other in order to avoid conflict among themselves. More news»

Special photo feature:
Domestic Workers of New York Seen in the Eyes of Children They Raised  (7 Photos)
New York, December 7, 2008- To celebrate International Human Rights Day, children raised by nannies and children of nannies held hands to join in demonstrating for the rights of nannies and of all domestic workers. More news»

Nepalese Landless People Protesting for Land Rights (5 Photos)

Kathmandu, November 26, 2008- “The government has been deluding us with sweet words on our rights just like deluding children with chocolates,” said Dukhi Ram, 68, landless man – Haliya/Mohi from Saptari. Dukhi Ram who spent most of his life working for Jamindar (landlord) in his hometown Saptari is in Kathmandu for a sit-in protest. More news»

Let's Celebrate Nepalese Womanhood in New York City !
(9 Photos)
New York, November 13, 2008- In New York City, where we run our news portal, we often have the opportunity to meet exceptional Nepalese women from all walks of life. Some are working tirelessly back home in Nepal to improve the lives of Nepalese people whereas some work here quietly as they make a significant impact on the lives of Nepalese immigrants. One thing these Nepalese women have in common is that they work for the betterment of Nepalese women, and in doing so make the rest of us proud. They inspire us to follow in their footsteps be inspired. More news»
"We'll be there!" (3 Photos)-Barack Obama, 44th President-elect of the United States of America
Barack Obama's Victory Speech as the 44th US President Elect

» God Bless America! Americans Choosing Today Their 44th President
» Bittersweet Truth: American Politics, Media Hype and Super Power Syndrome
    Poorest of the Poor People Living Right Here in the USA?

Special feature: Less Than $ 2 Dollars: Woman’s Body Is on Sale! (5 Photos)
Kailali, Nepal, November 1, 2008- Samjhana who is now 6-month-old pregnant earns Rs100 to 200 a day giving sexual service to the customers. "This amount is not enough, we don't get sufficient foods so we are compelled to sleep with empty stomach," says Samjhana. More news»
Exclusive feature news story:

Once Ford Motor’s Dream Project Earns Livelihood in Nepal:
Hemp & Allo fibers: Source of Income for Rural Indigenous Nepalese Women (10 Photos)
Rukum/Kathmandu, November 1, 2008- Hemp is often confused with another plant of the same genus, Marijuana which is illegal in some parts of the world. Whether they are walking, gossiping or cattle-rearing, women of these rural districts Rukum and Rolpa never forget to carry two things along with them: taku (traditional tool used to make threads) and Dhaka (fibers/threads). More news»

“Army integration is the issue of the special situation and circumstances”
- Defense Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa Magar ‘Baadal’
Kathmandu, October 31, 2008- Our Kathmandu Representative Smita Magar spoke to Defense Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa Magar ‘Baadal’ focusing around the army integration and contemporary issues. More news»
  Manose Treats New Yorkers to Sounds of Nepalese Mountain Music (5 Photos)
New York, October 10, 2008- Finally, for the first time in this world capital city of New York, Manose, the popular young Nepalese flutist (Basuri badak), performed the most magical and mystical Nepalese mountain music and North Indian classical ragas at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City. More news»
Rukum and Rolpa Under Acute Food Shortage! (3 Photos)
Where People's war began but now a need of a war against poverty
Kathmandu, October 8, 2008- Everyday, Rambahadur Budha Magar looks at his field of dying maize plants and with a sigh, wonders how they are going to survive this year. More news»

Building New Nepal with Eight “Ja” Natural Resources
Eight ‘Ja’: Jal, Jamin, Jarajuri, Janawar, Jungle, Jadibuti, Jalabayu and Janasakti for Economic Development in Nepal
New York, September 29, 2008- Let’s talk about new Nepal. This week in New York, as our Prime Minister Prachanda laid out his plan for a prosperous new Nepal where every Nepali will have an opportunity and will be motivated to return to build anew our motherland. But is the Nepalese diaspora ready to go back home and eager to join with him to build the new Nepal? What will motivate skilled Nepalese to return to their roots and will they be able to earn a living using their talents? More news»

Archive» Prime Minister Prachanda addressing the UN General Assembly's High-level meeting. Photo & illustration: eEyeCam
UN Wants to End Poverty by 2015 But Is Wary About the Deadline
Nepal’s New Prime Minister Envisions Achievement by 2018
New York, September 25, 2008- Today, when Nepal’s new Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ addressed the UN General Assembly High Level event on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) at the round table meeting “Poverty and Hunger”, he said “Despite such solemn pledge, it is ironic that more than a billion people, the so-called “bottom billion”, mostly in developing countries, are still trapped in conditions of grinding poverty with an income of less than a dollar a day. This is unbecoming of the contemporary human civilization, which has so much affluence and prosperity at its disposal.”  More news»

For Many World Leaders: UN Is a Must-Win Battle Ground (12 Photos)
But at What Cost?

New York, September 23, 2008- Today, the 63rd UN General Assembly meeting at the UN Headquarters, New York, became a battleground, but instead of swords they fought with words. The United States President George W. Bush arrived late when today's morning session first speaker, President of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was just about to finish his speech. President Bush's turn was second. The evergreen-smiling Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, once President Bush's "Axis of Evil", was there to listen to what President Bush would say. More news»

Special photo feature: German American 51st Annual Steuben Parade 2008 (31 Photos)

Archive» Student Observance of the International Day of Peace at UN. Photo & illustration: eEyeCam
Texting for Peace: Can It Be That Easy?
Student Observance of the International Day of Peace (15 photos)
New York, September 19, 2008 - This morning at 9:30 am, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon marked the Student Observance of the International Day of Peace in the Japanese Garden located at the UN Headquarters in New York by ringing the Peace Bell and sending a text message to the world leaders, which read "On 21 September, the International Day of Peace, I call on world leaders and peoples around the world to join forces against conflict, poverty and hunger, and for all human rights for all.” More news»
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