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Written by Walk for Nepal by Nepal ko Yuwa   
Wednesday, 26 October 2011 23:39

Let's Walk for Nepal!! Boston, November 6, 2011 नेपालकोलागि दौड, तपाईं पनि कुद्ने होइन?
Boston, USA- We intend to plant that seed through “Walk for Nepal.”  We will organize series of walks throughout the world cities to raise funds for different social and social entrepreneurship projects in Nepal. In the process, people will learn more about Nepal, develop a sentimental attachment, and become committed to help uplift the country.

The fast growing population of Nepalis in the US and throughout the world has created the potential for the collective Nepali diaspora to make meaningful contributions to Nepal. Nepali diaspora now comprise students, academics, professionals, and a variety of blue- and white-collar workers. Many have outreach to the non-Nepali communities in universities, industries, development agencies, and other organizations. Both the net worth and the network of the diaspora continues to grow. Planting the seed of civic collaboration and practical philanthropy among this diaspora now can result in a sustained and substantial impact over time for Nepal.


Nepalis of any ethnicity, caste, gender or age and from all walks of life can participate in the simple act of walking to give back to Nepal in sweat, spirit and money. This is a movement that will inspire Nepalis and friends of Nepal all over the world in believing that it is possible to make a difference by working together. It will inspire Nepalis and Nepal lovers from different social, political and economic backgrounds to bridge their differences and to come together to do something good for Nepal. It will grow every year as more and more people join the movement.

This movement is called Walk for Nepal.

Come, let’s walk together.

Let's Walk for Nepal!!


Walk for Nepal is a common platform for organizing walkathons in cities worldwide to mobilize individuals and organizations interested in the development of Nepal. It aims to tap the collective potential (the net worth and the network) of the fast growing population of Nepalis in the US and throughout the world to make meaningful contributions to Nepal. We aim to plant the seed of civic collaboration, practical philanthropy and youth innovation among this diaspora towards sustained and substantial impact over time for Nepal.

Civic Collaboration

All participating NGOs and individuals are welcome to raise funds through WfN for their causes or for WfN-listed projects.  We ask that the NGOs share at least 20% of the funds they raise with the WfN Fund, which will be channeled to social causes and youth-led social innovations in  Nepal.

Through sharing, each NGO recognizes that, in addition to their own, there are many more worthy causes in Nepal that need everyone’s support.  Moreover, through the WfN journey, the NGOs will share ideas and collaborate, thus helping each other grow through a multiplier effect, and in turn, help Nepal.


Nepali disapora’s talent, knowledge and resources have reached a level where we can give back to Nepal. One beer
less a week, and you can help many critical social causes in Nepal in significant ways. One hour less of TV and you can raise funds or consult towards fostering social causes in Nepal.

WfN aims to create a platform, built on partnerships and accountability, making everyone passionate about giving back.

Youth Innovation

Youth have the ideas and energy to bring about lasting change in Nepal. They are willing to learn, take risks, and  
collaborate. However, despite having creative ideas and talented backgrounds, many are unable to realize their     
projects. The 20% will be awarded to a few Nepal-based projects through an online voting process. While the awardees will not be limited to youth, we encourage youth-led innovations, which showcase either new products or new processes.

We walk to cultivate a culture of civic collaboration, practical philanthropy and youth innovation among Nepalis and friends of Nepal throughout the world.

We walk together.

We walk for social causes.

We walk for Nepal.

To register for the Boston Walk and sponsor a walker, please visit:


Join us for a scenic 3-mile fun walk on

Nov 6, 2011 (Sunday) at

Mother’s Rest Carson Beach Area
25 William J Day Blvd, Boston MA 02125

Registration: 11:00 AM
Keynote & Welcome: 12:00 Noon
Walk Starts: 12:30 PM
Walk Ends & Appreciation: 1:30 PM
Celebrate with Concert: up to 4PM

( 617) 335 3532
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Nepal ko Yuwa — translated as Youth of Nepal

is implementing Walk for Nepal with help from many US and Nepal-based social cause organizations, youth groups and individuals.

Nepal Ko Yuwa is a global Nepali youth movement striving to make a positive impact towards individual and societal growth. The movement envisions to help the youth candles in different corners of the globe glow brighter and to bring the resulting collective light to Nepal. It comprises Nepali youth that synergize to build on their energy and excitement, think together, and foster each other’s initiatives.

Nepal Ko Yuwa, through its programs in Nepal and abroad, aims to

-Foster positive and progressive attitude towards Nepal
-Promote opportunities for individual growth and entrepreneurship
-Facilitate socio-political engagement

420E 70TH ST, 3K -2
NEW YORK, NY 10021
( 401) 533 8506
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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