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Written by Mini Joseph Tejaswi & Samidha Sharma, TNN,   
Tuesday, 06 December 2011 02:15

Media watch: BANGALORE/ MUMBAI, INDIA: Blame it on the economic slowdown or the growing power of Indian businesses; many senior Indian professionals working across the US, UK and other parts of Europe are looking at the Indian job market as they prepare for a homecoming.


While the influx has been visible for a while, the pace seems to have quickened.

Sample the interest:

Krishna Kumar and Savita Murthy, a couple working for a financial institution and a telecom service provider respectively in New York, were in Bangalore in November to attend job interviews because of uncertainties in the US job market. "They mailed their CVs in early September and headhunters could line up some decent interviews for each of them. The husband has attended seven interviews and the wife attended four. Both are currently finalizing their respective new jobs and are expected to move back to India soon,'' said K Shivaram, a close relative of the couple. Read more>>


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