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"I am running for Congress to restore that American Dream"- Darshan Rauniyar, US Congressional 1st Nepali candidate PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 30 September 2011 22:17

Exclusive: Washington- There are 36 hours to go until we close our books on the third quarter and prepare our report for the Federal Election Commission. This will be our first opportunity to show the grass roots momentum of our campaign.


Darshan Rauniyar, the 1st Nepali-American Congressional candidate from 1st Congressional District, Washington, USA. Photos courtesy:

Your donation before midnight this Friday is crucial. Every dollar we raise between now and midnight this Friday is a show of strength. Every dollar we raise shows the swell of support around my message of restoring the American Dream. Every dollar we raise shows the press and the political establishment that we are building a strong campaign that can win next November.

Interview with US Congressional candidate Darshan Rauniyar 2011

If you've donated before, thank you, and please consider an additional donation. If you've not yet donated, today would be the perfect time to show your support. Please make your donation now of $5, $25, $50, or whatever you can give, by midnight this Friday.

As you know, I am the political outsider in this race, the only non-politician running for the Democratic nomination. I am running to be your voice in Congress - the voice of regular Americans who are just trying to build a life and live the American Dream. When I came here to pursue my education, America was truly the land of opportunity. I was given the chance to build a business, create living wage jobs, and provide for my family and my two boys. Unfortunately, for many of us now, this American Dream is fading, people struggle to find work while our government fails to provide our children with the education and the health care they need to succeed.

I am running for Congress to restore that American Dream - to revive our ailing middle class, to restore our manufacturing base, to provide every American access to health care, and to ensure that every child receives a world-class education. Your donation of $5, $25, $50, $100, or whatever you can contribute, will help make that dream a reality. Please donate before midnight this Friday, September 30th.

Together we can restore the American Dream!



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