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Written by Sher Jung Gurung   
Friday, 01 July 2011 15:38

New York- The convention and GURUNG SUMMER PICNIC- 2011 was successfully organized by Gurung (Tamu) Society of USA on June 26, 2011 at HECKSCHER STATE PARK in Islip, LONG ISLAND, New York.


The new executive members of Gurung (Tamu) Society of USA. Photo courtesy: Tek Gurung.

Around 160 Gurung family members were gathered. It was a good weather with good spectacular picnic spot with good transportation and good food for good people with admirable face.

Annual membership formats were distributed to every individual at picnic to fill up their information. This format has got a detail information about a member. This information helps us to keep contact and find out the number of gurung community members in the new york.

This year, we found a large number of new members from different zones. They feel very happy and proud to be a member of Gurung (Tamu) Society of USA. This means that we are getting better and better and stronger and stronger society. This is just because of our unity and mitual understanding among ourselves.

As per our by laws, The Executive Body once formed through general election can go upto two years term. After two years, Executive body should be dissolved and reformed through fair election system.

A month ago, A notification about the election of new committee members was given through election committee.
The election committee has clearly explained the following criteria to become a member in the Executive Committee:

1. In order to apply for the candidate of President, VicePresident, Treasurer, Asst. Treasurer, Secretary and Asst. Secretary one should successfully complete atleast two years time period in the committee.
Besides this, He or She should be able to perform a good record and good performance.

2. Rest, The election committee has full authority to conduct an election and voting system to nominate the candidate for above mentioned position.

3. It was notified that the election for new committee will be held on the day of Picnic under free and fair election and to form a new executive committee for next two year i.e. for 2011/12 and 2012/13.

As per our by laws, Under the guidelines of Election committee, the following new Executive Committee has been formed through a free and fair election:

1. President : Mekh Gurung
2. Vice President : Khagendra Gurung
3. Vice President : Meera Gurung
4. Treasurer :      Tika Gurung
5. Asst.Treasurer : Prabin Gurung
6. Secretary :      Sher Jung Gurung
7. Asst.Secretary : Sharmila Ghale
8.  Member :       Bin Prasad Ghale
9.  Member :       Binod Gurung
10. Member :        Karburaj Gurung
11. Member :        Shamjhana Gurung
12. Member :        Ravi Gurung
13. Member :        Amar Gurung
14. Member :        Arjung Ghale
15. Member :        Khagendra Gurung
16. Member :        Dhirbahadur Gurung
17. Member :        Roshni Gurung
18. Member :        Bidya Gurung
19. Member :        Shantabahadur Gurung

Dr.Sukh Gurung / Harkajang Gurung / and Tek Gurung were three people in the election committee as nominated by the General Members of the Society.

Last but not least, On behalf of our new Committee Members, I would like to welcome our new members to our sweet home, The Gurung (Tamu ) Society of USA  and a Special thanks to everybody for your active participation in our GURUNG SUMMER PICNIC - 2011.

Again special thanks to Sunnyside group and Ridgewood group / Bronx group / and Corona Group for your dedication in shopping, preparing delicious food / Barbiques / Achaar / Alu Dum and Daal Bhat.

Finally, Thanks Tika Gurung ( Outgoing President ) and former members who really dedicated their time and energy to make a difference for the sake of our Society. Let's Hope for the best from our new energetic team.

With good regards,

Sher Jung Gurung
Gurung (Tamu) Society Inc. USA

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