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Anupama Sapkota: Poetry: WHO AM I? PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Anupama Sapkota   
Sunday, 11 October 2009 04:00
As the days pass along,      
As time moves on
A question,
A very essential one indeed
Forms in my mind… 
This question haunts me day and night,
making me desperate for an answer. 
This question, who am I?
Is so powerful that many great and wise,
Many great and wise have not been able to answer it… 
As the days pass, I realize
I am the person who wants to reach the moon,
I am the person who wants to fly,
I am the person who can do anything… 
I am who I am,
A person who is bold and strong,
Wise and cunning… 
A person who is always striving for more…
This belief makes me stronger and makes me feel
I am the one who is the best, above anything and anyone… 
I am the person who can control the nature
I am the person who will gain victory
even if it means destroying others
I am the one who is IMMORTAL… 
Yet as I see times pass by,
As I see days turn into night and back to day again,
A bright ray of answer comes to me… 
It is a voice from nature which says:
You are not who you think you are!
You are but a mere creation of nature… 
You are a child nature,
You are the one sent to the Earth to spread
Love, Humanity and Peace…
Alas! My eyes opened and I
eternally realized, I am not
I am a creation of nature
A mere object that can be destroyed
Anywhere and anytime if I go against nature… 
Let this be a lesson,
A lesson to all young and old
You are what you are,
And don’t try to change it…
Be who you are and learn to accept it…

-Anupama Sapkota, Jersey City, NJ, USA.

Note: This poetry won first prize at Laxmi Prasad Devkota 100th Anniversary Program in Queens, New York on 10th October, 2009. The event was organized by International Nepalese Literary Society (INLS), New York Chapter. Anupama had won 2 more poetry competition in first place in the past.
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