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Ex-King is still addressed as HM: Audience with His Majesty Gyanendra PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Tilak Shrestha, Ph.D.   
Tuesday, 10 May 2011 16:30

USA- "His Majesty returned the greetings and thanked for the offer. HM suggested to unite, build network among like minded nationalists and pool the resources.

Dear all,


I am happy to inform that I had the honor of having audience with His Majesty Gyanendra on May 4rth, Wednesday noon. Sagar Timilsina Jee arranged the occasion and was given 15 minutes of HM's valuable time. Here are a few notes of the meeting.

HM asked to briefly introduce myself. I requested that I am a science student, a concerned Nepali, but not a politician. I have been living abroad for many years and perhaps that makes my feelings for the nation keener, especially in view of the negative developments in the last a few years. I have the honor of associating with two nationalist organizations - UNN and NNO.

Though our organizations are small, my nationalist friends have asked me to convey their hearty greetings to HM and to request if they can be helpful. They like to express their sadness to note the systematic assaults on the fundamentals of our nationhood - culture, Dharma, educational institutes, economic infrastructures, and basic law and order.

HM returned the greetings and thanked for the offer. HM suggested to unite, build network among like minded nationalists and pool the resources. HM expressed that Kings work for the long term structural good of the nation, not for short term cheap popularity. HM's effort to stream line the derailed democratic process in 2005 was misinterpreted. To some extend it is HM's Government's fault that the issue was not well explained to the people. However, HM always desired to be within constitution and no steps were taken outside. Further, it is very worry some to note the current situation of the state and plight of the people. HM has nothing in interest other than good of and peace for all Nepalese. HM also mentioned that HM gets relevant articles and e-mails including ours, graciously reads them, and is well informed on the issues.

I urged HM to use his good office to encourage nationalist organizations and political parties, and to relate with all other relevant organizations and political parties by the common agenda of nationalism. I also urged HM to encourage a nationalist agenda of protecting our heritage, educational and economic infrastructure in this chaotic time. They being the building blocks of the country, any effort to defend them is welcome to all. I also mentioned to HM that, in general, democratic practice of different parties ruling the country is good. It allows people to learn the realities of parties and leaders, and make realistic choices. However, current events are not about he democratic practice, but about political forces unwilling to abide by democratic norm and active in division of the nation. It is not about the positive learning curve, but about the slide into the national disintegration. The issue must be well understood and feared by all true nationalist Nepalese.

HM graciously thanked me for visiting. I thanked His Majesty.

May Bhagwan Shree Pashupati Nath bless us all.

Tilak Shrestha, Ph.D.

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