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Monday, 07 December 2009 01:00

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-न्यू योर्कमा २८५० औं त ल्हो तामाङ सोनाम ल्होछार (२०१४) सम्पन्न

-न्यू योर्कमा तामाङ सोसाइटी अफ अमेरिकाद्वारा 'फण्ड एन्ड फन साँझ', भवन निर्माण गर्न ट्रस्टको निर्माण

-न्यू योर्कमा तामाङ युवाहरुद्वारा संरासंको १२ औं विश्व युवा सम्मेलनमा सहभागी

-न्यू योर्कमा २८४९ औं डु ल्हो तामाङ सोनाम ल्होछार (२०१३) सम्पन्न

-न्यू योर्कमा तामाङ सोसाईटी अफ अमेरिकाद्वारा स्यान्डी हुरिकेन पिडितकालागि सहयोग हस्तान्तरण

-न्यू योर्कमा तामाङ सोसाइटी अफ अमेरिका (TSA) को कार्यालय उद्घाटन

-न्यू योर्कबाट तामाङ सोसाईटी अफ अमेरिकाद्वारा एसएलसी (SLC) मा उच्च अङ्क ल्याउने दुई विद्यार्थी लाई सम्मान गरिने

-न्यू योर्कमा तामाङ सोसाइटी अफ अमेरिका (TSA) को छैठौं महाधिबेश्न सम्पन्न, साङ्गे रुम्बा लामा अध्यक्ष निर्बाचित

-न्यू योर्कमा तामाङ सोसाइटी अफ अमेरिकाद्वारा "डम्फू साँझ २०१२" सम्पन्न

-न्यू योर्कमा तामाङ सोसाइटी अफ अमेरिकाद्वारा २८४८ औं सोनाम ल्होछार (डुकन्हो) (2012) सम्पन्न

-न्यू योर्कमा २८४७ औं तामाङ सोनाम ल्होछार (2011) मा तामाङ युबायुबतीहरुको सार्थक प्रस्तुती

-न्यू योर्कमा संघीयता र तामाङसालीङ स्वराज्य सम्बन्धी गहन अन्तर्कृया सम्पन्न

-न्यू योर्कमा तामाङ सोसाईटी अफ अमेरिका (TSA) को पाचौं अधिबेसन सम्पन्न, भरतराज तामाङ नयाँ अध्यक्ष

-न्यू योर्कमा तामाङ ल्होसारको अबसरमा "डम्फु साँझ-2010" को रमझम

-Tamang Society of America & Red Cross will raise fund to Haiti Victims during Damphu Saanjh

-न्यू योर्कमा पप गायक फिरोज स्याङ्देनको स्वागत

-न्यू योर्कमा डम्फुको तालमा तामाङहरुको २८४४ औं सोनाम ल्होसार (2008) सम्पन्न


About Tamang Society of America (TSA)


Tamangs, indigenous people who live across the Himalayan region are one of the many ethnic groups now mostly inhabitants of Nepal. The legendary self-esteemed descendants of ancestors, Tamang people unfold a profound and distinct cultural history of their own.


Our civilization is deeply tangible with cultural heritage such as language, script, folklore, music and unique mixture of traditional Tamang Buddhism, Bomboism and Tambaism. Following the footprints of our ancestors we take pride at present with Tamang songs and tunes of Damfu and Tungna developed from Tamba tradition as an inseperable part of our culture and identity. In consideration of historical facts that Tamang people have been systematically discriminated for generations by the aristocratic elites of homeland resulting a great deal of economic deprivation and social disintegration. Consequently, Tamang people have been victims of exploitation for years in Nepalese Society. However, despite of such ongoing inhumanly suppression and social discrimination by so-called RULERS of the society, Tamang people have always been eager to learn and preserve their distinctive culture and heritage in practices.


Tamang Society of America Inc. was incorporated in March 2002 as Not-For-Profit Corporation in accordance with New York State Laws. The main purpose of this organization is to preserve culture and heritage and promote mutual cooperation among all Tamang people living in and outside the United States. The Society shall pursue confederation with all Tamang individuals and organization worldwide that values our cultural dignity in order to uplift diversified social and cultural development in the community. Tamangs see themselves with great joy and hope in Tamang Society of America with an extended potential for taking up responsibilities for socio-cultural and economic development of the community. The General membership is open to all people of Tamang origin who agreees to comply with its current By-Laws and membership policies. A provision of Honorary membership is also available for persons, regardless of their ethnicity, who respect and perceive goals of Tamang Society of America.

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