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फिप्ना पाँचौं महाधिवेशनमा नयाँ कार्य समिति निर्वाचनका लागि प्राप्त उम्मेद्वारहरूको अन्तिम नामावली सूची ! PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 04 December 2015 03:53

Exclusive: 3 photos: न्यू योर्क- नेपाल आदिवासी जनजाति महासंघ, अमेरिका (फिप्ना) को पाँचौं महाधिवेशनमा नयाँ कार्य समिति चयनको निमित्त सन् २०१५, डिसेम्बर २ तारिख मध्यरातसम्म उम्मेद्वारी दिनेहरूको अन्तिम नामावली यस प्रकार रहेको छ:

1. अध्यक्ष: लुईसाङ वाईबा
2. अध्यक्ष: मान बहादुर राना मगर
3. अध्यक्ष: विनोद पोमो
4. प्रथम उपाध्यक्ष: मन कुमार राई (मणि बाङ्देल)
5. उपाध्यक्ष: मंगलदास श्रेष्ठ
6. महासचिव: प्रेम गुरुङ
7. सचिव: विजय महर्जन
8. कोषाध्यक्ष: राज कुमार बिष्ट
9. सह-कोषाध्यक्ष: कुल बहादुर राना मगर
10. सदस्य: राम कुमार राई

रमेश कुमार श्रेष्ठ, प्रमुख निर्वाचन आयुक्त
प्रदीप थापा मगर, सदस्य
मनु लोहोरूंग राई, सदस्य
नेपाल आदिवासी जनजाति महासंघ, अमेरिका (फिप्ना)

नेपाल आदिवासी जनजाति महासंघ, अमेरिका

पाँचौ राष्ट्रिय महाधिबेशन २०१५, न्युयोर्क

उम्मेदवारी दर्ता तथा दाबी-बिरोध र पुनर्विचारको समयावधि थप गरिएको सुचना !

१) डिसेम्बर २, २०१५ सम्म उम्मेदवारी दर्ता |
२) डिसेम्बर ३, २०१५ मा उम्मेदवारहरुको नामावली प्रकाशन |
३) डिसेम्बर ४-८, २०१५ सम्म उम्मेदवारी उपर दाबी, बिरोध, फिर्ता तथा पुनर्विचार (पुनर्विचार- उम्मेदवारी दर्ता भई सकेका उम्मेदवारहरुले पहिला उम्मेदवारी दर्ता गरेको पद भन्दा अन्य पदमा पनि उम्मेदवारी परिवर्तन गर्न सक्ने छ) |
४) उम्मेदवारी उपर दाबी, बिरोध, फिर्ता तथा पुनर्विचार समयावधि भित्र उम्मेदवारी फिर्ता गरीएमा उम्मेदवारी शुल्क फिर्ता हुनेछ र उम्मेदवारी पद पुनर्विचार या हेरफेर गरिएमा सोहि अनुरुपको आवश्यक शुल्क मिलान गर्नु पर्ने छ |
५) डिसेम्बर १३, २०१५ आईतबार दिउसोको १२:०० बजेसम्म सहमतीय उम्मेदवारीकोलागि अन्तिम समय | तत् पश्चात उम्मेदवारीहरु बीच निर्बाचन र नव-निर्बाचित कार्यसमितिको सपथ ग्रहण |

धन्यबाद |

रमेश कुमार श्रेष्ठ, संयोजक
मनु लोहोरुङ राई, सदस्य
प्रदिप थापामगर, सदस्य
पाँचौ राष्ट्रिय महाधिबेशन निर्वाचन समिति, फिप्ना
Ph : (917) 570 -1098, (347) 248 -6966
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The Election Committee received a letter from the Executive Committee, delegates and also some candidates on November 30, 2015. The letter dated November 30, 2015 specifically requests that the time to submit candidacy for upcoming election be extended. Under the circumstances, we, the election committee, held a meeting on November 30, 2015. Upon a full discussion and careful consideration of the request, under the vested authority by Chapter VIII, §66 of Constitution of FIPNA, we, election committee, hereby make the following decision(s):
New Time Table:

1. All candidacies must be submitted by December 2, 2015 by the closing business day.

2. List of candidacy will be published on December 3, 2015.

3. Claim, Objection and Reconsideration over the candidacy[ies] shall be made from December 4, 2015 to December 8, 2015.

4. General Convention and election shall be held on December 13, 2015, Sunday. Stipulation or Agreement on candidacy[ies] shall be concluded by 12 noon, December 13, 2015. After 12 noon, a final list of candidates will be made and an election will be held among the candidates. Oath of office shall be administered thereafter on the same day.

5. Endorsement Letter: Each candidate is required to present an endorsement letter from his/her mother organization with a proposer and supporter. The endorsement letter must specify the position the candidate will be running for. In case, the same candidate changes his mind and files his candidacy for another position different from his original position, he is not required to submit a new endorsement letter for the new position.

6. Reconsideration (Punarbichar) : It means that the candidate[s] can think and/or rethink, switch or change about the position he/she wishes to run for. This process must be concluded by December 8, 2015.

7. Fees for Candidacy: If a candidate has paid the election candidacy fee which is higher than his final position, the balance of the amount shall be returned to him/her. If a candidate has paid lesser amount than he was required to pay for the position that he/she is finally going run for, the candidate shall pay the balance amount.

Election Commission of FIPNA

Ramesh K. Shrestha - Chief Election Commissioner
Pradeep Thapa Magar -Member
Manu Lohorang - Member
November 30, 2015

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