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Monday, 01 March 2010 18:33

Special 44 photos feature: न्यू योर्क- एसोसियसन अफ नेपालीज तराइयन इन अमेरिका (एन्टा) ग्रेटर न्यू योर्क च्याप्टरको आयोजनामा न्यू योर्कको अस्टोरियास्थित चियान फेडेरेसनमा गत आइतबार भब्य होली पर्ब मनाइयो।

Nepalese artists performing Holi dance in New York. Photos: eEyeCam.com

न्यू योर्क शहरका नब निर्बाचित कम्प्ट्रोलर जोन लिउ, संरासंका लागि नेपालका स्थाई प्रतिनिधि तथा महामहिम राजदूत ज्ञानचन्द्र आचार्य र एन्टाका केन्द्रिय अध्यक्ष डा. बिनोद शाहद्वारा होलीको रंग एक आपसमा लगाएर शुरु भएको उक्त होलीमा कलाकारहरुले बिबिध साँस्कृतिक प्रस्तुती गरेर होली मनाउन आएका नेपालीहरुलाई भरपुर मनोरन्जन दिलाएका थिए भने कलाकारहरुको न्रित्य र गायनसंगै होलीको रंगमा रंगिने र नाँच्ने निम्तालुहरुको रमाइलोको अर्कै रौनक थियो।

Amabassador Gyanchandra Acharya, New York City Comptroller John Liu and ANTA President Dr. Binod Shah exchanging Holi tika. Photos: eEyeCam.com

कार्यक्रममा स्वागत मन्तब्य होली कार्यक्रम संयोजक तथा एन्टा ग्रेटर न्यू योर्क च्याप्टर अध्यक्ष अमित शाहले गर्नु भएको थियो। शाह युएस नेपाल अनलाइनका तराइ सम्पादक पनि हुन्।

Singer Tilak Shrestha with his fan.

कार्यक्रमका अन्य अतिथीहरुमा Frederick Selby, Dr. Sukdev Shah, Dr. Praveen Chopra (President and Founder- Asian American Coalition), Naval Yadav (Auditor- United Nation Headquarter, New York), Kris Ram (Secretary of Asian American Collation), Gopal Shrestha (IGP, Nepal Police), Charly Gilbert (President of Democratic Club of Flushing), Harni Bangera (Vice-President- Democratic Club of Flushing Inc), Aditya Maharjan (General Secretary of FIPNA), Shree Prajuli (President of RN Society) आदी हुनुहुन्थ्यो।

The guests, Dr. Tara Niraula, New York City Comptroller Liu, Amabassador Acharya and Dr. Sukdev Shah. Photos: eEyeCam.com

कार्यक्रमको संचालन संज्ञा सिंह, डा. अच्युतलाल कर्ण र डा. सन्जु महतोले गर्नु भएको थियो।

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होली कार्यक्रमको युएस नेपाल अनलाइनले प्रतक्ष्य्य प्रसारण गरेको थियो। हेर्नुहोस्: Holi in NY Part-IV:

Frederick Selby. Photos: eEyeCam.com

Dr. Sukdev Shah

Amit Shah, President, ANTA GNYC and Holi Coordinator

Emcee Sangya Singh. Photos: eEyeCam.com

Dr. Achut Lal Karn

Rajesh Shah. Photos: eEyeCam.com

Marshall J. Krinitz

Dr. Binod Shah

Narbada Chhteri and Bishwa Shah. Photos: eEyeCam.com

Saloni Agrawal

Singer Pabita Pagchand Pariyar. Photos: eEyeCam.com

Dr. Achut Lal Karn/Dr. Sanju Mahato

Dr. Achut Lal Karn and singer Sapana Shrestha. Photos: eEyeCam.com

Dancer Basanti Rai

Keshavram Rai, Prashan Rai and Mani Bangdel

Singer Tilak Shrestha. Photos: eEyeCam.com

Dancer Selly Shrestha

Singer D. Rapalookik

Dancer Yashoda Khaling Rai. Photos: eEyeCam.com

DJ Jangbo Sherpa

Sangya Singh. Photos: eEyeCam.com

Introduction to key speakers
Provided by Association of Nepali Teraian in America, Greater New York Chapter (ANTA-GNYC), New York, USA.

Key Speaker: Frederick Selby (Nepal: On the eye on Friends of Nepali)

(Frederick Selby first arrived in Nepal just after university graduation, in the 1960's. The Us State Department posted him to Kathmandu as an advisor to the Ministry of Industry and the Nepal Industrial Development Corporation (NIDC). He brought his wife whom he had married shortly before leaving the US. His son was born in Patan Hospital, then known as Shanta Bhawan. He lived in Kalimati, in a house owned by former Foreign Minister Rishikesh Shah. Fritz Selby helped to launch the hotel industry, worked with Toni Hagen and Tibetan refugees to found carpet making, and other enterprises such as a timber mill in the Terai and vegetable oil plants.He has trekked and climbed in various parts of Nepal, Annapurna region, Solo Khumbu, and Inner Dolpo' He was a friend of Sir Edmund Hillary.In the US Frederick Selby worked in investment and commercial banking and has served on the boards of directors of various public companies including 25 years on the board of GRISTEDES FOODS. He resides in Manhattan and recently published a book POSTCARDS FROM KATHMANDU, Life Among Gods, Kings, and Diplomats. The book was printed in Nepal and is being sold by NAMSE DISTRIBUTORS in Woodstock NY and is available at Vajra and Pilgrims Bookshops in Kathmandu.)

Key Speaker: Dr. Sukdev Shah (Terai/Madhesh Identity and Culture: The Other Nepal)

(Dr. Sukdev Shah was born in the village Ekrahi, Dhanusha District, of Nepal, and received his early education in Nepal and India before coming to the United States in 1967 for university education. He is a graduate of the University of Hawaii where he received both Masters and Ph.D. degrees in economics. His doctorate in 1973 was first such degree awarded by the University of Hawaii in economics. While at the University of Hawaii, Dr. Shah has the good fortune of having late Professor Milton Friedman, a Nobel Laureate, as his teacher and dissertation committee advisor.  

After early retirement from IMF in 2002, Dr. Shah took teaching job at the University of South Pacific in Fiji Islands where he taught undergraduate- and graduate level economics, supervised public policy research, and consulted as Budget Advisor for the Government of Fiji. He returned to Washington in 2008 and joined the teaching faculty as an Adjunct Professor of Economics at the University of District of Columbia until his nomination as Nepal's Ambassador for the United States in early 2009. He is currently an Adjunct Professor of Economics at The Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale, where he teaches courses in micro-and macroeconomics. In addition to his professional work in the field of economics, Dr. Shah has been a frequent contributor to the public press, writing about social, political, and economic issues. Selections from these contributions will be published as book of essays: Fiji’s Underdeveloped Economy: Political and Social Barriers to Growth; and Nepal’s Backwardness: Illusive Quest for Democracy and Development. ). Please open the attachment for detail of speech.

Key Speaker: Marshall J. Krinitz (Highlight of More Than Tomorrow Project)
(Marshall is a president & founder of –The More Than Tomorrow Project). Open the attachment for details of speech.

Key Speaker: Rajesh Shah ( Holi: The Festival of Colors)
(Former Treasurer of Association of Nepali Teraian in Nepal, New York Chapter, New York)

Performers: Lee Rivera, Sapana Shrestha, RN Society (Pooja Shahi, Triyukta Ghimire, Kripa Thapa, Priya Shahi, Swarnima Ghimire), Sadhana Dance Academy (Priya), Artee Seemangal (Senior performer and teacher of Natraj Center for Performing Arts), Omna Ancient Art Centre (Ananya Chakraborty, Kuhokee Das, Ruchira Choudhury, Shiela Krishnan, Sudeepta Sridhara), Basanti D. Rai, Sumee Pradhan, Pabita Bagchand, Tilak Shrestha, Dr. Achut Lal Karn, Selly Shrestha (Ayaka), Passang Nima Sherpa, Seeda Katila, Satendra Sah, Rukmeena Bhaurali, Drap, Saloni Agrwal, Ashodha K. Rai

Co-operate Sponsors: Royal Bank of Scotland Sempra (Dila Ali), Indo-Nepal Travel & Tours (Sunil Singh), Himalayan Yak Restaurant (Sonal Lama), Flymount Travel Inc. (Iswari Bhandari), Natasha Accessories, Ltd.,TaxRaja.Com (Biraj Adhikari), Mustang Thakali Kitchen, Mt.Everest Deli & Grocery (Purna Shrestha), Shangri-La Restaurant (Madhu G.C.), Yam Adhikari (MetLife Financial Service Representative), Good Luck Driving School (Mohan Bangera), Dhaniram Chaudhary, Dinesh Mall, Suman Shah, Ramesh Shrestha, Khuma N. Sharma Guatam,

Cordially Supported by: Asian American Coalition, USA, Inc., Hindu Organization of Long Island, America-Nepal Friendship Society, Adhikar For Human Rights & Social Justice, Federation of Indigenous People of Nepal in America, Blood Donors of America, Ridgewood Nepalese Society, International Nepalese Literary Society, New York Chapter, Omna Ancient Art Centre, Young Indian Culture Group (Rathi Raja), Nepal Center & The More Than Tomorrow Project.

Media partner: US Nepal Media Centre (USNepalONline.com), PressChautari.com, Everest Times, Nepal Khabar, Vishwa Sandesh, Himali Swarharu (NepaliRadio.org), & Vishwa Parikarma & ITV.

Organizing Committee

Coordinator: Amit P. Shah, NY

Steering Committee:
Amit P. Shah, NY, Marshall J. Krinitz, NY, Ritesh Chaudhary, NY, Jennifer Youn, NY, Rajesh Sah, NY, Karen Hsueh, NY, Satendra Shah, NY, Dila Ali, NY, Ram Chaudhary , CT, Subodh Sah, NJ, Amol Luhadia , NY, Shiv Sah, PA, Dr. Achut Anand Lal Karn, NY, Aneesa Hussain, NY, Bishun Dev Mahato, MA, Aniket Shah, NY, Dr. Harish Mahashethe , NY, Dr. Sujata Sah, NY, Ambika Shah, NY, Arbind Singh, NY, Ram Manohar Sah, India, Er. Pramod Shah, Nepal

Special Committee:
Holi Celebration & Fundraiser Committee
Aniket Sah / Dila Ali –Coordinator, Amit Shah, Marshall J. Krinitz, Satendra Shah, Dr. Achut Anand Lal Karn, Jennifer Youn, Rajesh Sah, Subodh Sah, Karen Hsueh, Amol Luhadia, Ritesh Chaudhary

Cultural Program Department
Dr. Achut Anand Lal Karn–Coordinator
Dr. Sanju  Mahato, Amit P. Shah, Saloni Agrwal, Sangya Singh, Pabita Bagchand, Reyanka Koirala, Pooja Shahi, Triyukta Ghimire, Kripa Thapa, Milan Shahi, Jagdish Yadav

Publicity & Public Relation Committee
Satendra Sah –Coordinator, Pradip Sah, Sanjeev Sah, Pramendra Bhagat, Marshall J. Krinitz, Ganga Sah, Dila Ali, Aniket Sah, Candice Ramsaroop, Roshan Chaudhary, Amit Shah, Subodh Shah, Dr. Achut Anand Lal Karn, Gajendra Budhathoki, Milan Shahi, Dhaniram Chaudhary, Kesab Rai, Ang Kami Sherpa, Roshan Dhungana, Narbada Chettry.

Logistic Management Committee
Ram Chaudhary –Coordinator, Dr. Sujata Sah, Pradeep Shah, Ram Mandal, Ganga Sah, Satendra Sah, Laxmi Shah

Volunteers Committee
Tek Narayan Yadav –Coordinator, Roshan Chaudhary, Satendra Shah, Manisha Bhagat, Manish Chaudhary, Candice Ramsaroop, Aneesa Hussain, Ambika Shah, Saloni Agrwal, Priyanka Thapa, Jennifer Youn, Karen Hsueh, Pawan Shah, Santosh Nayak, Sanjeev Singh, Dilip Bhandari, Dhaniram Chaudhary, Sanjeev Yadav, Anil Paudal

Advisory Committee
Dr. Binod Shah, NY, Dr. Satya Yadav, NY, Mr. Naval Yadav, NY, Mr. Upendra Karn, PA, Mahadev Yadav, CT


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